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The Garden of Memories

The most visible evidence of the Memorial Fund is the Garden of Memories, located just outside the Royal Palm gate. Any resident or former resident is eligible for interment in our Garden of Memories. Guidelines for this are available from the Clubhouse Office or any Director of the Memorial Fund. The interment itself may be as elaborate or as simple as desired. Your Memorial Fund takes great pride in this amenity available to all residents.

In 1986 the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society purchased this parcel from the Saunder family. They also purchased an additional parcel with the intent of building a full ­care health complex. This is the parcel Hawthorne purchased in 2000 and we refer to as the 100 acres. The Garden of Memories, however, is a .61-acre lot sold to the Memorial Fund in 1995 for the outstanding price of $10. We own this lot, which is approximately 94 feet of highway frontage and 280 feet deep. Included is the historical Richmond Cemetery, which we maintain. Years before Hawthorne existed, a church known as Richmond Chapel stood off the road. Behind the church was the burial ground for its members. The church is no longer standing. The Richmond Cemetery is today an historical landmark and can be found on the internet by clicking here. Eighteen names are recorded with the earliest birth date of 1830 and the latest date of death of 1951. Hawthorne’s Garden of Memories is located to the rear of the Cemetery.

Our first interment was in May 1988, when Hank Parks was placed in the Garden. The Good Samaritans granted permission to create a small place for cremains. Today we have almost 400 individuals in this Garden.

Improvements were made in 2004 and 2005 increasing the area and adding electricity, irrigation and granite markers to identify the names of those placed in the Garden. These major changes were made possible from a bequest by the estate of Clifford and Maude Hollister. Maude served on the Memorial fund as a Director. Cliff was a leader of our AARP Chapter.


Richmond Cemetery


Granite Markers

The Garden of Memories

Garden of Memories Interments

Garden of Memories Interments

This site contains links to all of the obituaries for officially-interred cremains of Hawthorne residents or former residents placed in the Hawthorne Garden of Memories.

To find the loved one you are looking for, click on the appropriate first letter of their last name in the menu below. 

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Click on the button above to see a list of all those that have passed away and have had donations made to them in memoriam.

What's New in the Gardens?

We continue mulching, fertilizing, weeding, watering, mowing, and general upkeep.  With the help of volunteers, it's not longer necessary to hire a landscaper to care for the garden.  As the garden ages, some of the original plantings are needing replacements.  Six plants in one row of hedges have already been replaced.

We have started some additional plantings in the far northern part of the garden.  These plants are very shade tolerant and are adapting nicely.  In a few years we will have another beautiful area of the garden to enjoy.  We are proud of the Garden of Memories in its lovely setting “just outside the Hawthorne gate”.

What's New in the Gardens?

Rich resize.jpg
median GOM.jpg
Median ii.jpg

A new landmark has been established right next to the Memorial Garden. The Royal Palm entrance to our community has been enhanced with plantings in the median by the Hawthorne staff. We might think of this area as "Memory Lane".  And notice the new signage seen from County Road 48.

Gardeners Wanted!

Keep watch for the next date volunteers are needed to work in Memorial Gardens. We periodically have a "call for volunteers" in the weekly bulletin.  At this time, no date has been set for the next Garden clean up. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who have stepped up during the past year to help keep our gardens beautiful. 


The crews have done a great job in shaping up the gardens. Thanks to all of you for helping!


Why are we in need of volunteers?  We are trying to save the Memorial Fund's dwindling resources.  In the past we had to spend between $2,000 and $3,000 a year to hire a commercial company to keep up the gardens.  Thanks to our volunteers, we no longer have to do this.  We can save that money to be used for projects that would go unfunded without the financial assistance of the Memorial Fund.  So the volunteers who help out not only provide a valuable service to the Memorial Gardens but are also helping to preserve our finances to help fund needed projects.  For more information on what the Memorial Fund has provided the community check out the sections called:  Gifts to the Community or Donations to Hawthorne.

 Gardeners Wanted!

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