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The Perpetual Care Fund was established at the annual meeting of the Hawthorne Memorial Fund on January 22, 2010.

The Perpetual Care Fund was established and is kept as a separate, distinct fund for the monies received for the care of the Garden of Memories. The original principal paid in to constitute this fund will never be spent, but will remain invested by the Fund. The income will be spent upon approval of the Board of Directors and only for the purpose of perpetual care of the Garden of Memories area. Any surplus income over and above the amount required to maintain such perpetual care may be spent in permanent improvement upon the Garden of Memories grounds at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

The original large donation given by Bob and Dorothy Crawford to jump start the Perpetual Care Fund was received in January of 2010 and was the culmination of their vision of a permanent fund to ensure that the Garden of Memories would be maintained in perpetuity. Bob served as the first custodian of the Fund from 2010 until 2012. Since the original donations, several residents, relatives of former residents as well as Hawthorne clubs and organizations have contributed to the fund in memory of friends and family. As of 1/20/2024, the Fund has a balance of $53,940. The goal of the Perpetual Care Fund is to reach at least $100,000 so that there is enough income generated from the investments to cover the annual cost of maintaining the Memorial Gardens.

Donations may be made at any time to the Hawthorne Memorial Perpetual Care Fund. These donations may be given to the Perpetual Care Custodian Beth Boast.  Her phone number is 352.396.1723  The Perpetual Care Fund Custodian will acknowledge all donations to the Perpetual Care Fund and report all such donations at the next regular Board meeting.

What is The Perpetual Care Fund?

What is The Perpetual Care Fund?

Perpetual Care Donation Form


Leesburg, FL  34748

Perpetual Care Fund


Please record my contribution of $__________ to the Perpetual Care Fund.


Name ______________________________________________       Date _______________

Address ___________________________________________________________________



Please return this form to:   Perpetual Care Fund Custodian, Cheryl Kinney, 151 Sago Palm Drive, Leesburg, FL, 34748

Perpetual Care Donation Fund Form

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Location of  the "In Memoriam" and "Perpetual Care" donation forms in the Great Hall (by the restrooms).

The Hawthorne Memorial Fund was established in 1977 and incorporated in 1992 and is a private foundation which is not tax exempt.  It provides an avenue to express our love and gratitude for our friends and loved ones who have passed away.

The Hawthorne Garden of Memories was established in 1988 by Hawthorne residents interested in a nearby, attractive resting place for loved ones.  There are no charges, nor fees associated with being interred in the Garden.  One of the primary responsibilities of the Memorial Fund is to maintain the Garden of Memories, thus a perpetual care fund has been established.  The sole purpose of the earnings of this Fund is to ensure adequate care of the Gardens.

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