Hawthorne Memorial Fund Current Board of Directors


OFFICERS                                      NAME           TERM OF OFFICE

President                                           Steve Boast                  2018 - Present

Vice President                                   Bob Crawford              2016 - Present

Secretary                                           Connie Weaver            2015 - Present

Treasurer                                           Jim Brown                   2017 - Present


Garden of Memories Book               George Wolf                  2014 - Present

Interment Historian                           George Wolf                 2016 - Present

Interments                                         George Wolf                 2014 - Present

Memorial Fund Secretary                 Beth Boast                    2018 - Present

Memorial Properties                         Royce Eisenhauser       2020 - Present

Perpetual Care Fund Custodian        Cheryl Kinney              2015 - Present

Scholarship Fund                              Steve Boast                   2018 - Present

Website Update                                 Steve Boast                   2018 - Present

Directors                                           Royce Eisenhauer         2020 - Present

                                                          Dave Huwe                   2021 - Present

                                                          Butch Lichtenberger     2020 - Present

                                                          Pete Peterson                2013 - Present

                                                          Don Pherigo                  2021 - Present

                                                          Shirley Schubert           2015 - Present

                                                          Pearl Swartz                  2021- Present 

Hawthorne Memorial Fund Past Board of Directors and Year(s) Served

Hawthorne Memorial Fund Board of Directo
Hawthorne Memorial Fund Board of Directo
Hawthorne Memorial Fund Board of Directo
Donations 1997-Present.png
Donations 1997-Present.png

Donations to Hawthorne: 1976-1996


Donations to Hawthorne: 1997-Present

Donations 1997-Present 2.png
Donations 1997-Present 3.png
Donations 1976-1996.png

Gifts in Memory of Former Residents

At the very heart of our organization is the purpose of creating memorials to those who had resided in Hawthorne and had died.  We maintain large binders to record those who make donations in memory of the deceased which are kept in the Conference Room of Dan Gorden Hall.  Each page has the name of the deceased shown with calligraphic lettering, giving the date of birth and death with the names on the reverse side of those who have given a gift to the Memorial Fund in their memory.

In addition to the binders we have all of the information also recorded digitally on a disk which is kept in the Conference Room of Dan Gorden Hall.  This disk is available for residents to use.  It is updated quarterly.

To see a complete list of the deceased who have had memorial gifts made in their memory, please click on this link.

To make a donation in memory of a loved one or special friend click on In Memoriam Donation Form, or if you prefer to make a donation in memory of a loved one or special friend to ensure the future care of the gardens, click on Perpetual Care Donation Form.


In our early years, bequests of major donations have been received by the Memorial Fund. We have been available to assist financially with amenities and improvements addressed by the Board of Directors and the residents while actively maintaining and improving our Garden of Memories. We are confident of space being available for many years to come for those who desire to be interred in this resting place. We are assured of additional space adjoining the Garden of Memories from the land held by the Hawthorne Residents Cooperative Association. The ability to memorialize those who die will continue in the same manner as is done today.

Our survival is dependent upon continued donations to the Memorial Fund. We hope that you will consider us when you are making donations in memory of a recently deceased loved one or friend. Possibilities for helping Hawthorne's Memorial fund can be found by clicking on the link How Can I Help?.

The Future of the Memorial Fund