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Hawthorne Memorial Garden

An Introduction to the Hawthorne Memorial Fund

The Hawthorne Memorial Fund was established over forty years ago to serve the Hawthorne community. Donations to the Memorial Fund provide a convenient method for residents to honor deceased friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. Residents and former residents may have their ashes interred in the Memorial Garden. Donations and bequeaths to the Memorial Fund are used to maintain the Garden of Memories, contribute to projects for the enhancement of the community, and support worthy charitable causes.

The original Fund rules required a donation to the Memorial fund which automatically made you a member of the organization for two years. The Board of Directors was elected from these members. When the Fund changed in 1992 to its current legal formation, all residents of record in the Hawthorne Residents Cooperative Association are members of the Hawthorne Memorial Fund. The Annual Meeting of the organization is still held the third Friday in January. If you are interested in contributing your time and talents to the Board, please contact one of the Directors. The current board can be found by going to Board of Directors.

In 1996 the Hawthorne Memorial Fund published a brochure for residents, marking the twentieth year of the organization. To mark our thirtieth year, this new brochure was reproduced with recent updates. Recently, an updated brochure was published and distributed to all Hawthorne residents.  A debt of gratitude is owed to the faithful volunteers who have served the Memorial Fund over the years.

We hope this brief history provides you with a better understanding of the history and objectives of this unique group. 

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